Philippe-Zotique-Millette Park

Named after the 9th mayor of the city of Verdun, this tiny “place fraîcheur” on the corner of Verdun et de l’Église provides shade, and a lovely spot to cool down. Formerly an empty lot, the city purchased the land with the intention of creating a cooling spot for local residents and visitors.
You can sit on the grass or one of the concrete blocks, or turn on the Vortex splash pad and mist yourself under a giant cattail. 
The mural overlooking the park was created by Philippe Allard and Roadsworth. You can read about the project at the Mu website HERE

For more information on the science and design process of the park, click HERE

Things to note:
-This park doesn’t show up on the city’s list of splash pads, but I’d imagine it follows the same operating hours as the others, which is daily from 9:30am-9pm. 
-Parking is an absolute nightmare. Read all the signs carefully. I had to circle and circle around. 
-There is no fencing. 

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