Place Hector-Toe-Blake

If you’re a patient, or visiting someone at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, this little park comes in great for keeping the little people happy. 
It is just across the street from the ER entrance, and we used it quite a few times while our littlest was hospitalized. We were downtown for a happy NICU reunion and this time BOTH kids were able to play here 🙂
EDITED: Since I wrote this post The Children’s Hospital has moved to a new location, while the park remains. If you’re visiting downtown, or staying at a hotel, this makes a nice spot for kids to play safely.

The play area is fully fenced and gated and all the equipment is set on a rubber base. There is a climber from Miracle Recreation with wide stairs, slides, the Tot Rock bumpy climber, a steering wheel, and a giant clock
Our 2-year old loved both the happy Lucky the Ladybug and Hoppy the Grasshopper spring riders.

There is a bench inside the fence, and outside there are picnic tables and benches. 
The rest of the park is a bit….sketchy and not the cleanest, but the playground itself is nice. 
This was probably our last time playing here since the Hospital is moving in 20 days, but if we find ourselves in the middle of downtown with antsy kids, we’ll know we can stop in here to let them (safely) blow off some steam.


  • Anica says:


    My son loves clocks and therefore loved Hector Toe-Blake park. Have you come across any other parks with a clock?

    Thanks for all this great information! Love your website. We have discovered and had a blast at many different parks we would have never known about if it wasn’t for your website.

    • StrollerMom says:

      Hello! Thanks for the kind words. We’re having a blast discovering different parts of the city and all the wonderful parks along the way 🙂

      You can actually do a search for “clocks” in the top right corner of the website. It comes up with all the ones where I’ve mentioned clocks. (Not sure why des Rapides comes up though…)
      There aren’t all that many, but we’ve seen big clocks at parks in Saint-Leonard, Lasalle, Nun’s Island etc

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