Rugby Park

We came by here about three years ago and I promptly lost the pictures off the memory card. Doh. 

So, we came again. And it was all the same except for new wood chips.
This fully fenced and gated park has a older play structure with stairs, ladders, and a tall slide. There’s also the cute caterpillar with his funny shoes and little critters to find, monkey rings, and a colourful infinity climber. 

Just outside of the fencing is the old-school wading pool, which isn’t so much a wading pool as it is a basin with a small fountain. Good enough for cooling down on hot days. Press the button on the side of the concrete basin to start the water.
There is also some greenspace as well as picnic tables nearby.

Things to note:
-I cannot find any info anywhere about this city’s water fountains. Messages go unanswered. So I’m unsure what their schedule is. We were there on a weekday morning in July and the water was on. 
-Street parking is easy. 
-There was some shade over the play areas, but it will probably mostly be in full sun during the day. 

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