Gabriel-Lalement Park

This was a bright a cheery playground with some good, all-ages equipment. Got a toddler and a big-kid like me? Perfect. You can watch them in both areas while sitting in the middle benches. 
Both play structures have a variety of ladders and slides, while the smaller one also has stairs and a crawl tunnel. Climb, slide, and do it all over!

There are also adult and baby swings. Just on the other side of the fence is the lovely-looking pool, wading pool and new pool chalet. Which was oh-so-tempting, but closed for the season when we visited. So we did a little run through the field instead and had a snack under a big tree. 

Other things you’ll find at this park include: A BBQ area, baseball, bocce/pétanque, soccer, and a toy-lending bin (near the playground’s chalet.)

Things to note:
-You can find all the info and schedule for the pool and wading pool HERE.
-The playground is partially fenced, and is not gated.
-The playground is on sand. 
-You’ll find a beautiful new chalet with washrooms nearby, but they were locked when we visited. There were no posted hours.
-You can BBQ in this park in the designated areas. See the photo in the picture gallery which explains what and where. 

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