Victor-Barbeau Park

This little park has the cutest colourful play structure, and some boat details that will get the toddlers yelling “Arrrr matey!”

Partially fenced, the playground features a GameTime climber with ropes to cross, a mountain to climb, stumps and steps to balance on. There’s a teeny slide, and older kids can cross the bubble wall to get to the taller slide. It’s good for all ages though this area is geared for kids 18 months-5 years. Kids older than that will probably find everything too small. 
The palms and rocks might even inspire a game of “Swiss Family Robinson”. Too obscure a reference? You should TOTALLY watch that movie! Classic. 
Strangely, there are no baby swings here, though there are a couple of adult swings outside of this play area and off on their own. 

Things to note:
-Street parking was easy, but read the signs!
-The fenced is partially fenced, but with wide open gates.
-There is a drinking fountain.
-There are no baby swings. 

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