Parc Nicolas-Tillemont

This large park has an abundance of something that is often missing in parks: shade. Beautiful shade!

Nicolas-Tillemont underwent a big update from 2018-2019, with the addition of new playground equipment, a brand new wading pool and chalet, and *maybe* some work to the bocce court building? (not sure about this part).

Anyhoo, this huge park now has something for all ages, and its mature trees, picnic areas, playgrounds, and bocce make it a great intergenerational space. 

New play spaces

While a couple of pieces from the previous playground were kept (the big rock and the butterfly climbers) everything else is new. Little kids have the cutest house to play in and there’s also the Weevos from Landscape Structures that has a little bridge, some ground-level activity panels, and a mini slide. The nature theme continues with the butterflies, big rock to climb, and the fun dragonfly seesaw. 

Over in the big-kid area there’s a fun rope climber that includes a slide, a rope tower, and things to balance on. There are also adult swings nearby. 

…and more

Past the bocce court is a super-cool multi-basketball net post where even smaller kids can try out their shot.

And I don’t always put wading pools as “splash pads”, but this one is newly renovated and looks phenomenal with tons of room, splash pad features, and a new chalet just beside. Because there is water of a certain height, there are also lifeguards and it is fenced and gated with shorter opening hours than your standard splash pad. 

Things to note:
– You can find the free wading pool hours HERE. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 
– Lots of shade!
– Picnic tables and benches are scattered around under the trees and there is lots of space to play on the grass.

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