Bourget Park

I like that this playground was set further from the street than the previous ones we’d just visited (Mallette & Pinault).

There are some gentle hills and a flat sand spot in the middle with the slide, swings and climber.

Unfortunately, this climber from Quebec-based GO-ELAN is definitely geared towards a higher age group than my toddler as there are no stairs or any safe way for him to get up on his own.
There’s a stepping stone stairway that he could do with help; there are also metal rungs, a mini climbing wall, a rope ladder, a cable bridge, and a vertical spider web.

Close by is a stand alone slide with some high and steep stairs, and a couple of baby and big swings.

There was a mom and her daughter wandering up and down the gentle grass slopes and I could tell mine wanted to do the same, so we had a mini game of tag among the evergreens.

One more climber (toddler-friendly) and this park would have been more playable for us. 🙂

NEW IN 2017: The city has installed “toy-sharing” bins in the playground where you can borrow toys while you play, or bring unused toys from home to share with others. You can read more about it HERE

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