des Éperviers Park

I was sad it was so overcast when we visited this park, because it’s LOADS prettier than it looks here. 🙁

So trust me when I say this park is lovely!
With newish play structures and a small splash pad, there’s something here to amuse all ages. The toddler climber has vines to climb, small slides, and a taller twirly slide. In the sand is the cute dragonfly seesaw, a baby and adult swing. There’s also a teensy little hammock.

In the nearby big-kid area are more vines and leaves to climb, a tall cattail spinner, and a big play structure with slides and ladders. There’s also the really interesting…swing/bouncer thing.

The splash pad is small but has ground sprays, a tall serpent, and a water bell. Great for hot days. Press the sensor on the ground to turn on the water sequence. 

Only negative comment here is that the sand in both plays areas is severely overgrown and taking over. Just needs to be weeded. 

Things to note:
-There is no fencing. Lots of space to run around away from the road as there’s also a mini soccer field. 
-Pretty good sight lines between both play areas and the splash pad. 
-The splash pad hours according to the city are 9am-8pm until the last weekend in September. 
-We visited on a super overcast day, but it looks like the play areas will be in full sun during the day though there ARE some mature trees nearby for shade.
-There is a GREAT bathroom! Posted hours are 7am-8pm.

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