Rosaire-Gauthier Park

Hmmmm. Quite a few people asked me about this park and splash pad so we ventured over one morning, were met with a locked splash pad and an ok-ish playground. The then-4-year old was underwhelmed. 

Actually, to be fair, the splash pad looks really cool, with a ton of horse water cannons, beautiful misty rings to run through, a neat water tower, water bubblers, and a serpent. There are also shaded picnic tables, and some good grassy bits to spread out all your stuff.
There’s some standing water here, hence the fencing and lifeguards, so there are limited hours that change throughout the summer.
I just much prefer the splash pads where there’s no wading pool area, so we can run around the playground, dance through the water, and come and go as we please. This is more…a water park. BUT, if you’re planning on settling yourself here for a few hours then there’s no problem! I’m just being fussy 😉

The playground is quite a ways off, past some greenspace and great picnic areas, and has a new, very small big-kid climber that’s quite tricky (and identical to one we’d JUST seen at the park before.)
There is also a bowl spinner; a sand shovel; a cute toddler climber with stairs, slides and activities; and four adult swings. There are surprisingly NO baby swings. 
My little guy enjoyed the giant boulders the best. 
Nearby is a gazebo with benches, and you can also wander down to the river’s edge.

Things to note:
-Make sure to check the splash pad hours before going as they change throughout the season. You can find all the info HERE along with the PDF of rules. 
-This park also has: baseball/softball, pétanque, a skatepark, and tennis courts. 

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