Ceres Park

UPDATE (late September 2015)
We revisted to check out the new equipment in the big-kid section. I adjusted the old post below, We originally visited in August which is why I talk about the END of summer 🙂

Another park/splash pad we’ve been meaning to get to this summer. Being the end of August, and almost back to school time (insert tears here), I figured we’d better go soon!

It looked soooooo far on Google Maps, but only took us about 10 minutes from Pointe Claire.

We parked on the street next to the playground and at 8:45am were the only ones there. (Even at 10:30 we were alone, but I doubt it’s usually like that). There are no fences and the play equipment is quite close to the very busy road. The little one hasn’t learned what STOP means yet so I was extra careful with him. There are a couple of baby swings, FOUR super cute spring riders, a climber with stairs (and steering wheels, Cloverleaf climber, double slides and baseball tic-tac-toe), and what they both loved the most was the ground-level Cottage by Kompan where we played “restaurant” and they both made me a pretend feast of spicy pulled pork tacos and a mango smoothie. So delicious!
Right beside is the bigger kid park with a climber from GameTime (no stairs) with the curved Volcano climbing wall, and in the surrounding sand are newly added big-kid swings, an accessible Ten Spin by Miracle (sit, kneel or stand!), and these cool and colourful pods by Little Tykes Commercial with a balance rope, monkey bars and a slide. Really neat additions to this park and we’ve only seen the pods in two other playgrounds. Sadly though, they’re only a couple of weeks old and already have graffiti. 
p.s. all the play equipment is on sand with some good shade.

Just after 9am we walked over the little hill to the really, really pretty splash pad. Opened in June of 2012, this one features equipment by Pointe-Claire based Vortex and has a modern/industrial feel. There are the Bamboo Nº4 dumping buckets, spinners and water jets shooting super high in an dance sequence. The two separate areas (with two magic buttons) are right beside each other.
My big guy looooooooved it all. The little one, not so much. The water jets here are very hard and there is NO small or gentle spray. It’s quite lovely to watch, so he and I sat in the super cool plastic lounge chairs and watched his brother prance around and scream. Since Fall 2015, a permanent and wheelchair-accessible TSECHE dry toilet has been installed, as well as some shade structures. 

The pros: It is very pretty. Love the lounge chairs, Lots of places to sit (picnic tables and benches). Both kids really liked the playground, especially the ground level structure and the “pods”. 

The cons: The splash pad and the playground are separated by a small hill, so while both my kids wanted to play in different areas, with just one of me, it was impossible. So we had to pack up all our swim stuff and go back and forth. And the entire park really needs a fence. 

I would FOR SURE come again, but maybe with two adults so the older one could spend longer in the water area, while the little one played in the park.

Pierrefonds – Ceres Park from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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  • Julie Thibodeau says:

    FYI, they have since added a portable potty, but when I drove by the last few days, it looks like they are revamping the whole thing. And we have also put in a petition for them to fence in the park, so fingers crossed they will do that at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing all this info, I love the way you share the info and get to all the important stuff.

    • StrollerMom says:

      Oooooooh, thanks for letting me know! We’re due for a revisit to Ceres. I drove by a couple of weeks ago but we were on our way to check out another one so didn’t stop!
      It sure was awkward without a bathroom OR changing room of any sort. And it really needs a fence. Send me the petition and I’ll sign it!

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