Larin Park

This was a good park with play structures for different ages, swings, a parent-baby tandem swing, and a lovely splash pad.

All on sand, the playground has an impressive and challenging new cable climber beside a colourful GameTime structure. Here you’ll find slides, ladders, and the pretty butterfly climber.
Nearby is the toddler climber with stairs, a mountain wall to climb, ladders, and slides. In the sand is a four-kid bouncer/seesaw doodad, and nearby are baby swings, adult swings, and the super cool Expression parent-baby swing.

Travel down the path and there’s a book lending library (that needed some repairs), a drinking fountain, and closer to the road (though there’s a fence) is the splash pad with Vortex products. There are three water cannons, a cute snail, tipping flower, and a tall sprayer. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 9am-8pm.
-It’s all in full sun. 
-There is a porta-potty! (near the splash pad)
-The park is fully fenced, but not gated.
-The playgrounds are on sand. 
-Google Maps has this park misspelled as “Parc Varin”, but the map below is correct. 

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