Les Cèdres – Valade Park

This park is much prettier in person than it appears in my pics, but it was such a gloomy, cloudy day 🙁
Anyways, it is what it is…

You’ll find this park up Rue Valade and right beside the library and recreation centre. There’s a large parking lot here, a drinking fountain, tennis courts, an outdoor amphitheatre, a pick-what-you-want herb and veggie garden (so cool!), skatepark, soccer field, small splash pad and playground, and in winter there’s skating and a sledding hill(?)

The playground is quite new, with a cute little toddler play structure by Jambette. There are stairs, slides, a wall to climb, and a ground-level window. Just steps away is the splash pad with its spraying frog (this part is on rubber surfacing), a misty sprayer and tipping buckets. 
The whole area is fenced by the road, but the rest is open. If you want to stop for a snack (as they always do), there is a picnic table in the middle of the play area. You could also take a walk down the road to the municipal wharf where there are more picnic tables and a giant canoe!
I can’t find any hours of operation for the splash pad, but they’re generally on between 9-8 in most municipalities…

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