Trottier Park

This playground underwent a renovation in summer 2018. 
Here’s the before from when we last visited in 2014:

In 2018 a lovely music-themed GameTime play structure was added, along with a cute little spring rider; while some things were taken away.
Toddlers should like this new climber with its ground-level window ledge, drum and bongos. There are (steep) stairs up to a couple of slides, various ladders, and an as-yet empty spot where there will probably be another ladder added. 
Nearby are four adult and two baby swings, a 3-d rope climber, and the interesting and colourful Block Climber by Landscape Structures.

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing but it’s far enough from the street that it feels secluded.
-There is some good shade from the mature trees surrounding the park. 
-There’s also a sand box on its own, though all the equipment is also on sand.  


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