Florence Park

This playground was completely redone in summer 2018. 
Here’s the before from when we last visited in 2015:

It must have just been completed when we came back in early July 2018, and there’s now a brand new nature-themed play structure, and new swings.

The GameTime structure is small, but is a good little 2-in-1 for multiple ages. On one side are stairs (though they’re rather steep), a slide, a cheery orange steering wheel, and a ground-level window ledge with with butterfly and dragonfly images.
Cross over the LARGE dragonfly connection and the other side has a twirly slide, ladder, and a blocked off area for what will probably be another type of ladder. Let me know if you see it when it’s installed!

Nearby are two adult and two baby swings.

It’s new, it’s cute, but I’d love to see a couple of spring riders or a spinners added in the sand if the size of the play area allows it.

Things to note:
-The entire park is fenced, but not gated, and there are multiple access points.
-The is zero shade over any of the playground.
-Everything is on sand.
-I think there was just one bench to sit on.
-There are multiple paths coming from three different streets to access the park. We parked on Florence and walked up through the trees. 
-There’s just enough shade on the paths and under the grove of trees to make up for the lack of shade over the play area. Almost.

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