Capri Park

I don’t know why Dollard keeps all their park renos a secret. I heard a while back that this park was getting redone, and then…crickets.
It was only in driving by one day and noticing that the forest that was previously on Roger-Pilon was gone (replaced with a parking lot) that we saw the park in the background had also changed!
It’s great getting new parks, not so great when no one knows about them. I would be all like “LOOK WHAT WE MADE FOR YOU!!”


Just for fun, here’s the “before”:

This park has been wiped clean and completely redone with an adorable sports-themed play structure and spring riders, a sand shovel (for some mysterious reason in…wood chips), and two baby and two adult swings.

The climber has (steep) stairs, little round “ball” steps, ladders, and a ramp up to the slide. At ground level is a canteen (how cute!), a wheel to spin (that wasn’t very spinny), and a couple of finger mazes. The spring riders are just below and are a baseball and glove. Gah, so cute. I’m a sucker for a theme. Now I want one of those giant pretzels that cost 25$.
It’s all on wood chips, and everything is in the same area. One big issue I noticed is that the bottom step on the structure is wayyyy off the ground. So either it was installed too high, or the wood chips have really settled. Just watch out on the bottom stair. 

Things to note:
-There’s a Dep around the corner on Des Sources. Grab a Slushie and come to the park!
-The park is fenced but without gates. 
-Parking is easiest on Capri. 
-There was zero shade over the playground when we were there around 1pm on a sunny day. 

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