Parc de Concord (Châteauguay)

This park was redone as part of 2021’s multi-million dollar renovation for a number of parks and new splash pads in Châteauguay.

We passed by in 2022 and were really pleased with the curiously weird (we like weird) play products and abundance of ways to swing, slide, and climb in both the big and little kid sections.

Those who love climbing can check out the awesome rope and rings structure where there are countless ways to make your way around. In what seems to me to be a space-meets-nature theme (?) there are logs to balance across, and it very cool “pod” to climb into. It’s all very cool and interesting.

Younger kids also have tons to do as the climber boasts a fun bridge, multiple activity panels both at ground level and within the structure, slides, stairs, rungs, and a climbing mountain.
Other cool features include a quiet seat, a spinner, and a whole lot of swings including one adaptive with a 3-point harness.

The large greenspace beside the play area would make for an amazing splash pad. Maybe next year?

Things to note:
-It’s hot, everything is in full sun.
-Thankfully, there’s a great shade structure in the middle with picnic tables.
-The park is fully fenced, but no gates.
-Parking is a pain. We parked wayyyy off across the street.

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