Pehr-Kalm Park

This is the second splash pad we’ve seen that’s painted in a sun dial! So cute. According to the shadow, we visited at around 11:30.

At this large park you’ll find soccer fields, a basketball court, two playground areas, a small splash pad and a wooded area and greenspace. 
The toddler playground has a nice play structure with stairs, slides, ladders, and a crawl tunnel. Nearby are balance beams, a whale spring rider, and four baby swings. The splash pad is right nearby so kids should be able to play, splash, and play some more. Except for the sand all over their feet. Wipe that off so it doesn’t clog the spouts!

We visited wayyyy early in the spring (we’re rarely out this way, so we visit places when we can), and the splash pad wasn’t yet or, nor had it been cleaned yet for the season, so just ignore the gravel and dirt that was left over from the winter. Imagine it…all pretty and sunny and filled with laughing kids. Much better!

Past the toddler playground is the area for older kids. Again there’s a good play structure with platforms to climb, all sorts of idfferent styles of ladders and rungs, pods to cross, and slides. Nearby is a vertical rope wall, monkey bars, and old school metal climber and adult swings.

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 9am-9pm. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence. 
-The playgrounds are on sand. 
-There is *some* fencing around the splash pad and playgrounds, but it’s basically open to the road and the rest of the park. 
-There are benches and picnic tables near the playgrounds and splash pad. 

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