Earle Park

We have currently have THREE CĂ´te Saint-Luc parks in our “Favourite Parks” list, but this one won’t be joining them. 🙁
Not that there’s anything all that wrong with Earle Park, there just isn’t much interesting. I actually walked up and thought “Oh, I guess they’ll be redoing this one soon.” but then saw afterwards that the city still has pictures on their website of the park with the old playground equipment, which you can see here, so I guess this has been redone! It still needs some sprucing up, including to the what-was-probably-cute-once wooden border and the covered picnic table. 

Set in a little spot beside an apartment building and houses, the park can’t actually hold any giant play structures, so there’s a small toddler climber from Landscape Structures with easy to access blocks, the curved Cozy Climber, platforms, small-scale monkey bars, and a gears panel. Just beside is the twirly slide from Miracle Recreation, and set in their own section are a couple of spring riders (with visible concrete bases), a stand-up spinner, and two baby swings with really shorts chains. 

There is fencing around 3 of 4 sides, but it’s open to the street, and there’ll be shade on some of the equipment and around the edges. 

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