Saint-Édouard Park

We ended up at this park by chance, and the play structures looked inviting (and I LOVE that triple slide), so we parked nearby and hung out for a bit before going off to our actual destination.

There are two play areas here, for both toddlers and older kids, and they’re right beside each other and only seperated by some picnic tables, so it’s quite easy to watch kids on both sides. 

The toddler play structure could use a coat of paint, but my little one enjoyed the ladders and climbing walls, the easy-to-climb stairs, and various slides. Nearby are baby swings, a separate sand box with a ridiculous “shade” structure whose posts take up too much room, and there are benches and tables around. 
The larger structure has a great triple slide, monkey rings, a tall straight slide, AND a twirly slide. Adult swings are just beside.

You’ll also find a kind of splash pad, which is more like a shower head than anything else. But, hey, it’s water. 

Things to note:
-The…splash pad (?) is on from 9am-9pm. You can read all about the borough’s splash pads HERE
-The park is fenced and gated.
-The toddler area is on sand, while the older kid section is on wood chips. 
-We snagged parking right in front of the playground, just check the signs carefully.

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