Poirier Park (Verdun)

We originally visited this park way back in 2015, came back again in 2017 because I thought it was getting redone, drove past in 2020 when it was under construction, and finally stopped here again in 2021. Whew.

Here’s a pic of the “before” from our 2015 visit. Awww, he was so small, and I miss those shoes! 

It’s since had a fantastic renovation, and for a fairly small space it has a ton of new-to-the-market play structures with great play value. 

The big-kid climber from Little Tikes Commercial has multiple metal ladders and rungs, a roller slide(!), great tall slides, cables to climb, ADA accessible stairs, monkey bars, and a climbing wall. Both my 8-year old and the almost 13-year old enjoyed challenging themselves with all the ways up and down. I especially liked that there are wide stairs here, so even younger kids can get up to the bigger slides if they’re not comfortable with the ladders and rungs. 

Near the large structure are some really fun inclusive products at ground level like drums and a xylophone-ish thing for whacking, a slide-puzzle, things to turn and touch, and the new Quiet Grove which is meant as a “calming escape” for kids who want to be on their own for a bit. My favourite part of this was the clicky button. I clicked it…a lot. 

The giant Hypar Net in the middle of the park is super cool, with multiple access points and great for a variety of ages. There were many calls of “Watch this!” as the boys tried out the different climbing sections. 

A couple of adult swings, and a Generation parent-baby swing are nearby.

Toddle to the other side of the park and the section for preschoolers is fully fenced, but not gated. (The daycare who’d been that used ropes to block off the open gate).
Again on a poured-in-place rubber base, this area is also all-new, except for the older splash pad that was carried over from the old park. 

The bright a cheery yellow climber is fun, with ground-level play things, there’s a small sandbox, a table for two, ONE baby swing, and one parent-baby swing, and the cutest driving station. There’s a bit of shade here if you want to pause for a picnic, and bring your towels and bathing suits for a run through the little splash pad. The great thing here is that the splash pad area is right beside the play equipment which would be great if you had a few kids and they wanted to do different things. 

The rest of the park has a small greenspace, a new outdoor ping pong table, and a picnic table. There’s also a teensy hill that would be good for toddler sledding in the winter. 

Things to note:
-This park is very popular with local daycares. There were about 30 kids here who left just as we were arriving. If you want it quiet, go at daycare naptimes, which is usually just after lunch 🙂
-According to Verdun’s website, the splash pad water is turned on from the end of May until the end of August, from 9:30am to 9pm daily. Press the button on the post to start the water sequence.
– The toddler section is fully fenced but NOT gated, the section for older kids is not fenced at all. 
-Street parking is available beside the park. 

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