Parc de la Cité-Jardin

We regretfully came at the wrong time of year, as the splash pad had literally JUST been turned off the September morning that we visited. So sadly I didn’t get to see some of the new Vortex products in action. But they do look pretty cool! I was so longing to splay with the small Alto mountain that seems so inviting and interactive for little hands, and the tall cascading Watermark that is the first in Montreal. 

The landscaping around the play area is lovely — with seating, shade structures, stones, and picnic tables. Just down the path seems like a whole other world. The playground is cute, the climbers are nice, but it just doesn’t have the same “pizazz” as the new water area. 

The toddler play structure has a great staircase, something that a lot of parents appreciate, as well as slides and a tunnel. In the surrounding sand are a cute pony spring rider, small seesaw, and a bright orange climber. Steps away is the big kid section with a similar play structure but with more challenging ladders and steps, and taller slides. There are big and baby swings, and a green space for running around. 

While this isn’t quite a destination park, the new splash pad is quite impressive, and it was a good pitstop before our main attraction of the day — a visit to the Botanical Gardens. 

Things to note: 
-We parked just off of Boulevard Rosemont, but you can access from any of the surrounding streets. 
-The borough posts that the splash pad water is on from 6am-9pm. That’s some early morning splashing!
-No fencing but the park and splash pad are way back from the road. 
-There is a chalet with bathrooms, but it was locked when we were there. 
-The swing sets are missing every second swing only because of the pandemic when they were removed to encourage social distancing. 
-My map below was being crabby with the street address of the park so I used GPS coordinates to pinpoint it. The actual street address is 5222, boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, H1T 2G2


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