Parc de Sardaigne (Candiac)

On a tour around Candiac we made sure to stop at this park which has a highly touted splash pad. 
It did not disappoint! The large splash pad has a humongous blue dumping bucket o’ water, tons of ground gets and sprays. It’s big and spread out, so hopefully won’t get too crowded? ahahahahaha

The playground has pretty good sightlines, so it’s possible to have kids in the water and playing on the different structures at the same time. There are two large-ish GameTime structures with ladders, (steep) stairs, monkey bars, slides, climbing walls, and a few ground-level play things. It’s all on sand, and there’s no shade over this whole area, so it’s gonna get hot.

You’ll also find big and baby swings, a hamster wheel where my kids tried to kill each other, and a cool seesaw.

Things to note:
-Bathrooms are right beside the splash pad, but of course, were locked and had no sign. So…good luck with that. 
-I could not find splash pad hours on the city’s website or their FB page. Sorry! It should be around 9am-9pm.
-We parked at the intersections of Syracuse and Rue de Sorrente. There’s street parking all along these side streets.

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