Mohawk Park

We first saw this park wayyyyyyy back in 2015, on what was then our first visit to a TMR park. I’d never been to this area before and after passing by all the beautiful houses I picked out 237 I’d like to live in. We were rather underwhelmed back then by the park’s play structure as there were some broken bits, but it has recently been redone and is all shiny and new. 

Both the playground and the splash pad have been completely renovated. In fact, we were a couple of days too early to see the splash pad in action as it looks like the finishing touches are still being done (this was on June 6, 2021). It will probably open in a couple of days, or check with the city before going. 

The new splash pad looks lovely, with tall sprayers to turn, water cannons, a serpent, and a little turtle (I think).

Over in the playground is a large play structure by GameTime. It’s good for all ages and has small slides, a twirly slide, really interesting bridges to cross, (steep) stairs, monkey bars, climbing wall, and tons of rungs and ladders. You’ll also find new baby and adult swings, my favourite Expression tandem swing, and a 3-point harness adaptive swing. 

The whole playground is unfortunately on sand, making some of the new interactive playthings on the main structure already unusable because they’re already stuck with sand, and the adaptive swing is impossible to get to with mobility devices. 

In the large park, you’ll also find one baseball/softball field, a basketball court, beach volleyball, fourteen tennis courts, and one tennis practice wall. AND, if you want to do some more playing, the playground just across the street (facing the elementary school) has also just been redone and is a load of fun. Find it here:

-Street parking is available around the park and in a small lot by the tennis courts.
-I am NOT totally sure, but there may be washrooms inside the tennis/park chalet.
-There is no fencing, but the playground and splash pad are set far into the park. 
-The splash pad hours are 9am-9pm. 

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