Ernest-R.-Décary Park

We first visited this park wayyyyyy back in 2015, when it was one of our first “far from home” parks, and the little one was just 3 years old!

Awwwwwwww. Things have certainly changed since then. He’s way bigger than in the picture below ↓, and this playground was completely redone in 2019. 

Located in front of Dunrae Gardens Elementary School, and almost beside Mohawk park and its splash pad, the playground has great new play spaces for both big and little kids. 

My not-so-little little one just loved the new play structure for older kids, and he played about on all the swinging and climbing contraptions while I marveled at the light being cast onto the sand from the tall and colourful shade structures. There’s an extremely tall twirly slide with a tricky climb up, but he found it to be a great “rocket ship” and we had a good game of Blast Off. 
(I did the countdown of course.)

The toddler area has a couple of adult swings, a baby swing, an adaptive swing, and a new-to-us Expression swing with a toddler seat! So fun. 
Someone came and used it while we were there and what a delightful time they had as they swung together. 

The toddler play structure is super cute, with a double slide, great stairs, a Sensory Climber, and you can even turn the tall suncatcher!

Things to note:
-Unfortunately the play areas are both on sand, which makes the adaptive swing inaccessible for many. 
-You can keep an eye on both play areas as they’re just steps away from each other, and on sunny days there is plenty of shade from the mature trees. 
-The rest of the park has lots of greenspace, randomly scattered benches, and a hidden drinking fountain near some bushes. 
-There is no fencing.
-I’d stay away at lunchtime during the school year, as when we went there must have been about 50 students lounging on the equipment during their lunch break from the nearby high school. 
-Street parking is available around the perimeter of the park. 

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