Schofield Park

We first visited this park back in 2017, when I wrote: “I think this park will get redone soon.”

The before:

And it did get redone! New from 2019 are beautiful play structures, swings, and spring riders.

The tree-house themed climber is nicely challenging for older kids, with plenty to swing from, scurry across, and with two taller slides and tricky rock walls; while right beside is the toddler section with stairs, slides, a “bridge”, ground-level steering wheel, ladders, and log steps. 

Bring your phone and your littles can use the interactive Play Biba! mobile app that gives you games to be used with the park equipment.  You can download the free app from iTunes and Google Play. Want to read more about Biba? You can find info HERE

In the sand you’ll also find two adult, two baby, and two adaptive swings with 3-point harnesses. Nearby is the adorable Calvin the Caterpillar to climb and sit under, a tall snail spring rider, and a stand-up spinner. 

Things to note:
-There’s no fencing
-Everything is on sand (including the adaptive swings)
-There a large greenspace/soccer field in the middle of the park to run around in.
-There’s a drinking fountain behind the caterpillar 🙂
-Make sure to check out the gardens. Stunning as usual!
-Read some history HERE.

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