Dakin Park

We’ve seen different parts of this particular play structure before, so there were no big surprises at this park. But even though it’s a bit dated, little ones should enjoy climbing up the large rock wall, coming down the triple slide (it’s one of our favourites), going through the crawl tube, and checking out the dinosaurs under the rock wall. 
It’s amazing what kids notice that we don’t!

Itty-bitty kids might have a hard time on the shallow metal stairs, so you might need to lend a hand to get up to the double slides. 
It’s not the ideal playground for the smallest kids, but when we visited the first time, my then  4-year old could handle everything except the tricky metal ladders.

In the surrounding sand is a sand shovel, the ever popular Chubby Flyer plane, and 4 big and 4 baby swings. 
Under the canopy of trees and near the picturesque gardens are benches and a few picnic tables. 
The old wading pool has been newly replaced by a lovely-looking splash pad. You can find details HERE.

-Street parking is available around the park. 
-There is no fencing. 
-The splash pad hours are 9am-9pm. (I took the splash pad pics in late summer, which is why there are leaves all over the ground!)
-Make sure to wander around and see the beautiful gardens and check out the new butterfly and insect hotel!

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