Réal-Bellefleur Park (Saint-Constant)

This new development of…condos? apartments? has their own centrally located playground and splash pad. I would have looooooved to have something like this near my old condo!

The playground has colourful products from Landscape Structures, and includes play structures for younger and older kids all in the same (hot) area. 

There’s a small climber with stairs and a double slide, spring riders, baby and adult swings, and a cool climbing/crawling course with plenty of overhead rungs to swing across. 

Just steps away, and with good sight lines is the small splash pad with products from Waterplay. Misting rings to run through, ground jets, and tipping water buckets are just some of the fun!

Things to note:
-The splash pad water is on from 8am-9pm daily. Touch the sensor to start the water sequence. 
-A modern bathroom (no opening times marked) is right in front of the splash pad.
-benches and picnic tables are right beside the water and playground areas.
-The playground is only partially fenced.
-There is basically no shade.
-The playground is all on wood chips.

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