Liébert Park

A splash pad and a playground. About all you need for a fun park trip. 

The equipment here isn’t the newest, or snazziest, but it does have a couple of good climbing structures, baby swings, lots to crawl through and spin on. 
The toddler and big-kid sections are right beside each other, so you won’t have to run back and forth. And the large splash pad is just steps away.
While the playground isn’t fully fenced, there’s is fencing all along the road and short sides. 

Everything is on sand, and there are a couple of picnic tables between the play areas, so you can actually sit down!

The former wading pool was converted to a splash pad at some point, and now has a couple of serpents? Dragons? and ground sprayers. Not the most exciting, but it’s big with lots of room to run around and through the ground sprayers. 

The opposite side of the park and across the baseball diamonds, has adult swings, and a rope climber. But we didn’t find that out until after we’d left. Oops!

Things to note:
-The water for the splash pad is on daily from 9am-10pm.
-The splash pad is fully fenced and gated.
-When we visited in fall 2019, there was a porta-potty near the playground. 
-You’ll also find two baseball diamonds and a dog park. 

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