des Orchidées Park

This newish park in the north section of Valleyfield is super nice. 

It’s clean, shiny, has a bathroom, toy sharing box, little path to bike on, a lending library, lots of picnic tables, and a small splash pad!

And of course there are also the two playground areas. 

The toddler section has big and baby swings, two sizes of slides (both with stairs), spinners, and things to climb and balance on. 

Just across the path is the older kids section, so it’s very easy to keep an eye on both areas. There are monkey bars, walls to climb, slides, saucer swings, rings and rungs galore. 

Things to note:
-There is no fencing by the street, but the play structures are a ways in.
-Street parking is right in front. 
-The splash pad hours for Valleyfield are 9am-8pm. Touch the sensor to start the water sequence. 
-Both playgrounds are on sand and basically in full sun. 

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