Parc des pirates (Saint-Rémi)

It’s always good to have a park in mind when on a mini road trip, and this was a great early morning pit stop for our foray south of Montreal.

It’s no secret why this park is called Parc des pirates. The large triple-decker structure is the first thing you’ll notice when driving up. It’s great for imaginative play, or for a game of “there are sharks down there!”
My 13-year-old said it was too short for his current height of 5’5″ (and growing about an inch a month), but his little brother loved it and said “Ahoy” more than a few times. 

In the surrounding sand are a few kinds of seesaws and a sand shovel. Bring along a picnic to eat under the thatched roofs of the picnic tables, and climb up to the top of the towers that house the bathrooms for a bird’s eye view of the park. Sadly, when we visited the bathrooms were locked because of repeated vandalism, so don’t hold out hope that they’ll be open if you visit. 

In the rest of the park has a splash pad; baby, adult, and a tandem swing; awesome new outdoor fitness equipment that had JUST been installed; and a zipline that was just being installed when we visited mid-July. 

ALSO, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen one in a municipal park, but there’s soon to be a giant bouncer! Check out the photo gallery for the huge sheet of plastic that looks like a colourful tarp. It will be filled with air for tons of bouncing fun. If you’re purposely coming to this park for any of the brand new equipment, perhaps give the city a call first and make sure it’s all finished being installed 🙂

Things to note:

  • There’s no shade.
  • Currently no bathroom
  • A small parking lot is located near the zipline
  • The city hasn’t posted any hours of operation for the splash pad, but they’re usually on from 9am-9pm.

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