Brossard skatepark-planchodrome

Opened on May 27 2020, the new Brossard “planchodrome” is an impressive skatepark with ramps, half pipes, rails, and many other doodads like the Whoop-whoop rolls*, and the flippy things*. 

After removing the city’s old skatepark, work on the new project started in 2019 and was designed by and for users.

Brossard’s press release, which you can read in its entirety HERE,  says that the skatepark came together “thanks to the contribution of a working group bringing together members from all walks of life in order to develop accessible and progressive modules, suitable for both beginners and expert.”

“The consultation in connection with the skateboard was an opportunity to give the floor to the people of Brossard in order to create a project in their image so that they can fully use it and take ownership of the place. I can’t wait to see the result!” said city councilor Sylvie DesGroseilliers, who was working with the members of the group.

“Thanks to this unifying project located in the heart of the sports center, the City of Brossard will offer a unique space where young and old can practice or watch several roller sports: skates and skateboards, scooters and BMX,” said Doreen Assaad, mayor of Brossard.

We came here super early on a Saturday morning (we left Pointe-Claire at 7:15am!), and were at the park around 7:45, and there were already some enthusiastic kids skating and scootering through the huge park. 

My 12-year old skater thought it was “awesome” with a great mix of rails and curves. He also loved the little section with artificial grass where he practiced his ollies. 

It was all cool, and is a great addition to the city. 

*Those are the technical terms. Trust me. 

Things to note:
-The skatepark is located just off Boulevard Rome near Poly-Arena Park. 
-The Poly-Arena Park has tennis courts, a tiny little playground, softball court, soccer fields and more. 
-There is a parking lot right beside the skatepark.
-The skatepark has some permanent chairs and a picnic table near the half pipe, as well as a converted shipping container/shade area with more seating and a nearby drinking fountain. 
-There were no bathrooms available when we were there. 

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