Fleur-de-Lys Park (Sainte-Catherine)

We visited this park last year while we were camping at the nearby RÉCRÉOPARC and needed to come into town to stock up on junk food healthy snacks.

In addition to the playground, this large park also has: wifi,  a splash pad, ice rink and skating oval, basketball, soccer, pétanque, a dog park, baseball and softball, a great skatepark and a small chalet with bathrooms. 

The cute splash pad has tipping, spraying, and dripping flowers. Touch the sensor on the green post to start the water sequence.

A little ways away are the toddler and big kids playgrounds which are right beside each other. There were a LOT of kids playing, so it was pretty tricky trying to pictures without having any but my own kids in them, so there isn’t a great photo of the toddler climber. But, it has great stairs, slides, ladders, and a bridge to cross. In the surrounding sand are four baby swings. 
The big kid area has four adult swings, a wavy balance beam, and an elaborate play structure with steep slides, monkey bars, swinging steps to balance across and a climbing wall. 

Things to note:
-From the town’s website for 2019:
Jeux d’eau horaire | 10 h à 19 h
Les fins de semaine à partir du 17 mai
Tous les jours dès le 22 juin
-There is a large parking lot right off Boul Saint-Laurent
-Neither the splash pad or the playgrounds are fenced. 

We also visited Montcalm Park which is about 5 minutes away and that the kids absolutely LOVED. But, that one has no splash pad 🙁

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