Saint-Vincent-Ferrier Park

Woohoo! Our second visit worked out. Phew.
I’d been looking forward to seeing this itty-bitty park with its (awesome-looking) new splash pad, but on our last try we were thwarted by a park FULL of daycare kids* 
Fast forward to early morning on a weekend, and it was much quieter. 
*Not that we’re like, scared of daycare kids, but I don’t photograph/video other children at all, so it makes it really tricky to work around them. 

This playground tucked between houses and between Rue Drolet and Rue Henri-Julien is adorable. I’d say it’s definitely geared towards toddlers, as the playground is for kids 2-5, and the splash pad has smaller-scale items. 
We puttered around the little playground and I got invited to climb into the play structure. It’s got stairs, a Cozy Climber curved ladder, slides, and ground-level windows. In the surrounding sand are three spring riders (a kangaroo, a…wallaby??, and a…, dragon?) I dunno. Some sort of animals. 
Just across the lovely shaded path is the splash pad by Vortex. It’s really, really pretty. Like, REALLY pretty. 
I’m a sucker for themes, and I LURVED this nautical design. 
There are lounge chairs and benches, the concrete walkway looks like wooden boat decking, and there’s a ship and pirate wheel. Always the toddler’s favourite. Beautiful tall palm trees with log benches underneath, a colourful misting rainbow, spraying seaweed, water cannons, and a trio of sea critters.
It was lovely. That’s the only word I can think of. LOVELY. 

The hours for the splash pad of this borough are very vague. I looked all over their website, on their FB page, and the only info is “Ils fonctionnent normalement en saison tous les jours, selon l’horaire des parcs.”
Which doesn’t tell me much. But, we were there just after 9am and the water was ON. 
You can read for yourself HERE

Couple of things to note:
-Parking is awful. There’s no other word for it. 
-For a toddler park, there’s not much fencing near the street. 
-No bathroom, but there is a fancy water fountain that even has a spout for dogs!

Parc Saint-Vincent-Ferrier – Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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