Cyril W. McDonald Park

The stunning new splash pad at this park opened right at the end of June,  and thanks to an astute reader who’d checked with the workers and let me know (thanks Julie!), we managed to pass by almost as soon as the fences were down. 

And it’s a good thing it was finally open, because I think my kids were going to start a revolt if I drove past here just one. more. time.
But, it was well worth the wait! The colourful splash pad has a bright and cheery ocean/water theme with a trio of delightful tipping fish, tall water plants who mist you lightly, arches to run through, a cute turtle which toddlers will love, and a not-so-scary sea serpent. 

The water area is surrounded by one of my favourite park products: Lounge chairs. 
You’ll also find some great sunshine yellow permanent chairs, and a whole section (part is shaded) with large and toddler-sized picnic tables. 
And bonus, there’s an actual (composting) bathroom stall that has enough room to dance on one leg while changing out of a wet bathing suit. 

Super fun, and a great addition to this area!

Nearby is the playground which both boys found pretty basic. 
The larger climber from GameTime does not have any stairs, but the first platform is low to the ground, so with a boost, the little ones should be able to get up to the double slides. There are (loose) skywheels to hang from, all sorts of metal ladders and rungs, and a ladder up to the middle of the highest platform. Beside the climber are four big-kid swings. 

Just across the path, and within eyesight, is the smaller climber from Little Tikes Commercial with a great staircase complete with enclosed bannisters. There’s a bit of room to walk around, a bridge, a find-the-dinosaur wall panel, and slides.
You’ll also find a horse spring rider and four baby swings in the surrounding sand.
Beside the brand new splash pad it all looks rather dated and faded, and the sand in both areas needs some serious weeding. 

-The splash pad should be functional from 8am-11pm daily. There are two sensors to turn on the water. 
-We parked at the top of Rue Graham, but you can access the park from two other streets (Harry Worth and King).
-No fencing, but everything is set slightly away from the road(s).
There is a small hill that is used for sledding in the winter

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