Amberley Park

Wow, the flowers here were pretty. A small, cute park with a fully-fenced and gated toddler space (on sand) and the big-kid area (on wood chips) right beside. A ton of benches and two picnic tables (outside of the fencing), more than most bigger parks. Also, Nice shade!
This PlayShaper toddler climber by Landscape Structures is the exact same climber as at Valois Park in Pointe Claire. It has stairs, metal rungs, a bubble window, slides, and a ground-level ledge where you can play restaurant, or in our case, drive-thru Starbucks!
Within the toddler area are two baby and two big swings and some grass around the edges of the sand. 
The large climber has steep stairs, a bumpy slide, monkey bars, and metal rungs and ladders to climb. 


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