Idola-Saint-Jean Park

Completed in mid-October 2018, we had to chance to play here on a beautiful and sunny autumn day before packing it in for the season.

Completely redone, this project by Atmosphäre has funky and modern new game modules for both big and little kids. With their muted colours and metal the new equipment blends into the nicely landscaped terrain and towering trees. 

In the 5-12 area, you’ll find a challenging metal climber with “hammocks” underneath in which to catch your breath after climbing, adult swings and a saucer swing, the spinner bowl which my older one loves trying out and feels sick from every. time., a stand-up spinner and a cool new contraption that’s like a…slider?

Nearby is the fully fenced and gated toddler area with TWO great tandem Expression swings, a mini hammock/swing close to the ground, and an easy-to-climb play structure. Littles can use the wide stairs to the wall clock, or try scaling the rope ladder up to the slide. 

Also new is the beautiful swinging bench that’s great for caregivers, kids needing a break, or for seniors who want to take in the scenery!

Things to note:
-Both play areas are on sand.
-There is a drinking fountain right in the park.
-There is some lovely shade (it was actually hard to take pictures!)
-Only the toddler section is fenced.

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