Seigniory Park

This park has a cozy fully-fenced and gated toddler playground, and a separate section for older kids. We visited at 3pm and there was shade throughout the toddler park, and we’ve also been by in the morning and there’s a nice balance of sunny and shady parts. The older kids’ section is mostly full sun, but it’s ringed with mature trees, so there’s always somewhere to cool off.
With its wide stairs, the toddler play structure from GameTime is easy to manoeuvre up and around. There’s also a slide, ladders, animal tic-tac-toe, and a TODDLER TUNNEL! There was much cooing in delight from the little one.
In the surrounding sand are a couple of spring-riders from Landscape Structures including a horse and a turtle, toddler and big swings, a sand digger, and the same concrete turtle as at Bourgeau Park. I like that they fenced in quite a bit of grassy area so you can sit and have a picnic after playing. In the surrounding park – but outside of the fenced area – are benches and picnic tables. 

Not within eyesight is the big-kid park. There are eight big swings, a large spiderweb rope climber, and a pretty cool play structure with a “bridge” and metal slides. It’s actually totally climbable for younger kids as there is a staircase and safe bridge to get to the slide.
Underneath is a steering wheel which the little one was thrilled to drive for a while, and we got out of the sun for a few minutes. There’s also one of the better track ride contraptions that has a step up so that you don’t have to ice your back for the rest of the night after hoisting up a 50-pound child to reach the handle. I speak from experience! Ow.
While the toddler equipment is all on sand, the entire big-kid section is on a (fresh!) wood chip base.

Parking is available at the end of Frobisher Ave., and there is also a dep on Frobisher in the South West One building.

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