David Beck Park

We watched this park’s renovation during the fall of 2016 (like really, we were here a LOT), and came back as soon as the snow was gone to check out the changes. If you live nearby and were expecting all new play equipment, that didn’t happen.
What did change:
-The sand has been changed to wood chips in both play areas
-The toddler section is now completely fenced AND gated
-In the toddler section a small sand area was added complete with some new spring riders and a little sand table
-There’s some shrubbery
-A few new trees
-Snazzy-looking lamp posts
-And the biggest thing: The wheelchair-accessible play panels***
-And new in the fall of 2018 is an adaptive swing with a nearby cutout in the plastic border (see pic).

The big-kid area still has a large and intricate rope climber, a tire swing (woohoo!), big-kid swings, and a play structure with (steep) stairs and slides. When the toddler was about three, I carefully sent him down the twirly slide on the big climber and he ended up twisting around and whacking his face. So, uh no…not too toddler friendly. Or else he’s just not very skilled on the slide. 

The newly-fenced toddler area has a play structure by Jambette – no stairs –  which will make it difficult for itty-bitty guys, but there is a small ladder and mini rock-climbing wall. We’ve played “garbage truck” and “construction men” on here a lot. The older one likes to sit underneath it and read magazines. It’s got two nice, easy slides where (yeah!) he didn’t crack his head at the bottom, and at ground level is a little ledge/restaurant window but the platform above is very low, so watch those noggins. Right beside are baby and big swings and the new sand area with the aforementioned spring riders.

There’s  kids’ soccer here some evenings but it’s set behind the park and doesn’t have the madness of Valois Park after soccer. If you’re tempted to wander into the adjoining woods, just be warned that there IS poison ivy in some spots. 
There is a tiny parking lot on Delmar but then you have to hike across the soccer field. You can park on the street right beside the playground instead. 

While I marked this as a “wheelchair accessible” park, note that while there is the path to the swing, the playground is on wood chips and besides the three wheelchair accessible play panels (which are pretty much on their own outside of the rest of the playground) the rest of the playground is fairly UN-inclusive. 

p.s. My kids’ comment: “How come Pointe-Claire only ever buys this triceratops bouncy thing? It’s at like, every park.”

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