Marsh & Stockwell Park

A quiet little park with a pretty cool Landscape Structures big-kid climber, swings, and a separate fully-fenced and gated toddler area. The play structure for older kids has a staircase, but it’s quite tall and steep. So while my little guy was able to climb everything this year (at 3½ years old) last year he wasn’t able to get up the metal ladders or across the awesome fat rope bridge. This year, no problem! In this same area are four adult swings, and a freestanding wall climber. There’s no fencing, and it’s all in full sun.

Up the teensy hill is the fully-fenced and gated toddler park with a mini climber, one of those trampoline things that I always thought was some sort of empty fish pond (it’s not!), baby swings, and a couple of spring riders including the ladybug by Kompan and an old-school metal duck.
The little climber by Kompan has NO stairs and while it’s colourful and creative, without stairs it’s just too hard to climb for kids under 2ish. There’s a rope ladder, and a small slanted climbing wall up to a short slide. 
The ladybug was a hit, and we enjoyed bouncing on the trampoline.
There’s some shade, as well as a few benches.

Toddler park (2-5)
Fenced toddler park
Baby swings
Big kid park (5-12)
Big kid swings
Parking lot
Street parking
Water fountain
Picnic tables
Seasonal Bathrooms
Green space
Soccer fields
Baseball field
Tennis courts
Splash pad
Reduced mobility swings
Dep nearby

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