Persillier-Lachapelle Park

Is it possible for a park to be TOO CUTE?

This new toddler park is just adorable and quite different from other playgrounds in the area. There is fantastic landscaping and attention to detail, it’s fully fenced and gated, has tons of shade, and lots and lots of seating. Also, don’t forget about the new splash pad that’s out of sight on the outside of the playground on the parallel street (just head through the gate at the back of the play area and you’ll see it. 

The playground has the large cable climber on a rubber base. This isn’t the usual stairs/platform/slide combo, but a bit more challenging and interesting. My little guy loved it. 
In the nearby wood chips is a small playhouse, some cute Kompan Robinia Wood spring riders, and a bird’s nest swing. 
My 6-year old was just DELIGHTED by the carved owl and salamander, and loved that there were kid-size tables and stools beside the grown up tables. 

There’s also a sandbox area! 
I like that this is a safe place where kids can wander around and explore, walk along the wavy play border, and have a chat with the decorative critters. Make sure to go through the back gate to check out the Vortex splash pad with its water cannons, drippy leaves, frog and snail. There are lounge chairs around the water area, shade, and again lots of picnic tables nearby. Note that the splash pad is NOT fenced. 

The only thing I would have changed here is it would have been nice to have the splash pad so it was closer to the playground, but it may not have been possible. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad (on Alexandre-DeSève near Ontario) is on from 8am-8pm. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence.
-The playground is fully fenced and gated (2 gates). The splash pad is NOT fenced. 

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