Terra Cotta Natural Park

So many people I speak with say they’ve never been to Terra Cotta. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a relaxing and beautiful 40-hectare forest in the centre of Pointe Claire.

The over 4kms of paths are all very well maintained and most have a fresh layer of cedar chips, making something a bit hardier than flip flops required. For a full map of all the trails, CLICK HERE

This is a popular spot for walkers, joggers, family photo shoots, and dog owners. Note that dogs MUST be leashed at all times, and poop bags should NOT be flung into the woods (what is wrong with some people?)
Should you want to let your dog loose, there is a dedicated dog run right on Terra Cotta Avenue, near the soccer chalet. 

There are NO facilities here, it’s very much a nature park.  It’s mostly shady, so there can be mosquitos if you stop trotting too long. Water, snacks, and bug repellant will come in mighty handy. The closest bathroom is at the soccer fields, or at the mini soccer fields on Belmont Avenue. 
You can spend 30 minutes here, or do the loop in different ways and spend a couple of hours.
Watch for the gorgeous (and huge!) woodpeckers throughout. And there are even owls, though I’ve never seen them myself. 
Each time we visit I have to answer the question “Are there bears here?” every. single. time. The answer depends on their behaviour that particular day and how many coffees I’ve had (or need)   😉

You can read about the history of the park on the city’s website (link HERE), and why it came to be named Terra Cotta. 
If the kids still have energy, there’s the Terra Cotta Village Playground just to the south which can be accessed by a path near the soccer field parking lot on Terra Cotta Avenue.

Things to note:
-This is not a playground, nor is it stroller-friendly because of the thick wood chips and numerous staircases. 
-There are various entrances to the park, including from Coolbreeze Avenue (with a small parking lot), at the top end of Terra Cotta Avenue near the soccer fields (large parking lot), on Viburnum Avenue (no parking), at the tope of Glanlynn (near the Butterfly Garden), and near the corner of Maywood and Saint -Louis Avenues. 
-There were some updates done in the park in the last couple of years, including the addition of nearby monarch and bee Gardens, the addition of interpretive panels, benches, and tree planting. You can read about some of the changes HERE.


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