Terra Cotta Village Park

This park is adjacent to Terra Cotta Natural Park, but not IN the woodsy park. Access is easy if you follow Belmont Avenue west, past the small soccer fields until you reach the end.
What I like most about this park, is that if you have kids of varying ages like I do, the WHOLE park is fenced and gated, not just the toddler area.
There’s a toddler climber by Miracle Recreation with a bumpy slide which really confused the little one. Do you climb it? Do you slide bumpity-bump down it?? There are no stairs so it’s a bit tricky for little ones to get up to the platform and the slide unless they can climb one of the two metal rung ladders.
Just beside the climber are two baby swings, and towards the middle of the park at ground level is Landscape Structure’s Image Panel, a sand digger, and a chipmunk spring rider.

The big-kid climber (by GameTime) is a little tricky as there’s no staircase, so some climbing is required. We tried the Giant Wave Climber, the sky wheels, and the Cosmix Climber.

Whenever we visit during soccer hours, there is a line-up for the tire swing that’s right in the middle of the playground. 

I’d like to give props to the seagulls in the soccer fields for helping the little one to finally start running. Thanks for putting up with a loon of a toddler. He was sad that he couldn’t catch any of you 🙁
The park is usually quite quiet except for Monday-Thursday evenings when the soccer fields are used between 6-8:30ish pm.

NOTE: If you’re coming here for the safe fencing, there are THREE gates. Two by the road, and one going to the soccer field. So shut them all if you have a runner!
Second NOTE: It’s quite shady in the toddler section, so there are some mosquitoes as it’s also right next to the forest. 

Bonus: Not one, but TWO porta potties!!!
Special Note: While taking pictures I saw why the little guy has been so crabby the last few days. Two incisors coming through. Uh-oh, now he has fangs!

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Fenced toddler park
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Big kid swings
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