Montcalm Park (Sainte-Catherine)

Inaugurated at the end of summer 2015, this multigenerational park underwent a $1.4-million renovation that saw the addition of new equipment for kids 2-12, Trekfit exercise stations, a multifunction track and lighted trails (complete with a bicycle repair station), and a sanitary building with two contest-winning murals from two local residents. 

This park was way more than I expected. The play structures are awesome, with a colourful and fun structure for toddlers; and for older kids there is cool electronic equipment from Kompan, and a challenging and huge structure complete with a rope and boulder course.

We couldn’t see the park from the road where we left the car, so after trotting up the path, it was an “Eeeee!” from me, and a “Coooooool!” from the kids. It’s colourful, it’s shiny and new, and it’s super-duper fun. And challenging, which is great (and rare.)

The Miracle-Recreation toddler climber is super bright and cheery and the 5-year old bounded across the wavy steps and up the pods to the different slides and bridge. There’s also a steering wheel, the bumpy Tot Rock Climber,  and cute ground-level windows and ledges for those who want to putter around underneath.
Beside the climber are baby and adult swings, and two adaptive swings, followed by a centre court with picnic tables, benches, a swinging seat, and an Arbre À Lire. 
My two kids beelined for the electronic Nova where they ran, and ran, and ran. And then their dad got on, and ran…and fell off. Giant ugly yellow and black bruise for a week. Apparently kids have better balance than us.

And then onwards! The play structure for kids 5-12 is huge. The pictures don’t show its size very well, but there are log ladders, rock walls, sky wheels, chain bridges, slides and more. And attached at one end is the fantastic Rocks and Ropes obstacle course. This was the first time we’ve seen such an elaborate course like this and the 10-year old found it super hard. 
‘This is hard!”
“Perfect, keep going!”
It’s really creative, different, and makes this a cool destination park. 

Then it was back on the Nova, a run across the wiggly balance beam, and back and forth, back and forth.

They both jumped and ran around the Trekfit course as they “exercised”, ran to get water, jumped around some more, and then had a break with a book from the “book lending tree” while swinging quietly together.
Without fighting, or arguing. 

Things to note:
-The park is set in a giant greenspace behind houses. There is no fencing but it is hidden from the road. 
-Mature trees line the southern part of the park, so there is shade along that side, but the rest is full sun.
-The park is linear, so there aren’t great sight lines from the toddler area and across to the big-kid section.
-The bathroom was open when were there during the week. 
-Parking is available on Rue Montcalm or Place La Vérendrye, then go up one of the paths to the park.

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