des Éclusiers Park (BEAUHARNOIS)

Des Éclusiers is an example of a GREAT neighbourhood park. 
Like, we loved it. 
It’s shiny and new, it’s great for all ages, they managed to put a ton of interesting products in a small-ish space, there’s a shady spot for picnics, and there’s a cute theme running throughout. 

I didn’t even know there was a park here, but when we were driving home from the new Beauharnois Aquatic Centre, I ignored my GPS (“recalculating, recalculating…”), got a little bit lost, and saw this park in the distance before I got onto highway 30. 
It’s so new, it’s not on the city’s website, nor does it show up on Google Maps. 
(I pinpointed where it is and you can find it on the map at the bottom of the post.)

We lucked out for picture taking as a daycare was JUST leaving when we pulled up, and we then had the park to ourselves. The 5-year old immediately set off exploring, touching, spinning, and climbing. He loved the music theme and tried out the bongos and the Beatles-inspired spring rider, puzzled over the ground-level puzzles which are found throughout the playground, and sat for quite a while in the Sensory Wave climber. An alternative to stairs, the Sensory Wave lets children crawl or walk up, come down on their bum, and touch the different tactile panels and activities along the way. This is such an exciting, and inclusive way to access the top of the play structure and the slides. 
He also LOVED the Sensory Wave Spinning Seat where he spun, and spun, and spun, while I watched and turned a little green.
“Mommy, faster!!”

Just steps away is the structure for older kids with its tall slide, different funky ladders, and the very pretty Chrysalis Spinner. Where he spun, and spun, and…
The park also has baby and adult swings, and the always popular Expression Swing
But wait, there’s more!
Just outside of the wood chips area, is a CHALKBOARD (how awesome is that!?), and a sandbox with an accessible sand table that doubles as a race car track. Love it all. 

I was so happy writing this up, because it was fun to relive this park. Actually, I’m going to put it in “Our Favourites“!
Anyone planning on building a small park in their city should come here for a field trip to see an example of a super fun, interesting, and unique park that’s great for both toddlers and older kids. 

Things to note:
-The playground is on wood chips. 
-There is no fencing by the road, though there is a sort of…moat, which will slow down any runners, but you know, it’s not a fence.
-This park is surrounded by houses on either sides and across the street, with parking available along the road.
-We visited around 1pm and there was some shade over the playground, and the sandbox and tables were almost fully shaded. 
-My only qualm was that the sandbox sand was like concrete and pretty hard to dig in. 

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