Centre Aquatique Beauharnois

BEFORE GOING: Please make sure to read the rules and regulations, as well as check the hours and pricing. 
If in doubt, please call the aquatic complex directly: 450-225-5482

I am in love with this area.

We actually came through Beauharnois twice in one week. On the Tuesday before we saw a couple of splash pads, and then, because I knew the Centre Aquatique was opening up soon, we came back so I could take some kid-free pictures of the playground before it was never empty again.
With just two days before the big opening of the pool, there was a ton of activity, trucks, and workers as the finishing touches were put on landscaping, stonework, the splash pad, and around the pool chalet.

But, while we were able to play in the playground, I couldn’t get good pics of the separate splash pad (outside of the fenced area), and though I had a sneak peek of the pool complex, note that some of these pictures reflect the pool under construction, like the wading pool that still needed a vacuuming etc.

But man oh man, this place looks great. A GIANT twirly slide into the main pool, and Vortex’s adorable play area in the beach entry wading pool. There’s also a meandering lazy river, four 25-metre lanes, and shaded areas where you can lounge in the water. 

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Even when the pool complex is closed, there’s yet another splash pad outside of the fenced area that should be accessible from 9am-9pm. 

AND WAIT! There’s more!
Right beside the parking lot for the pool is a great playground with areas for big and little kids. My 5-year was able to play on both sides and enjoyed the modern and funky GameTime products which included chains and ropes to climb, a really cool (and inclusive) spinning seat, four adult swings, and a tall (and a bit tricky to access) slide. He was all “I don’t think I can do this.”, but then he slowly, slowly made his way up. And you can see his triumphant smile in one of the pictures. Gad, he’s cute. 
Over in the toddler section is a neat climber with a wobbly not-a-slide to climb, ladders and rungs, monkey bars, and another climber with stairs and two itty bitty slides. He was very excited to show me the “tools” and loved the gear and construction theme that punctuated much of the equipment. Nearby are baby swings and the super fun Expression tandem swing. 

This could be a really fun whole or half day outing, and just the drive from Montreal’s West Island to here was lovely. I took highway 20 to the 30 (there’s a toll of around 3$) and drove along the river for a bit. I’ve got some other Beauharnois parks on the website so make a day of it and explore!

Things to note:
-The separate splash pad should be on from 9am-9pm.
-Neither the playground nor the outside splash pad are fenced, and the play structures are rather close to the road. 
-Both play areas are on wood chips. 
-If you’re looking for snacks for before or after, about a 30-second drive away on Boulevard Cadieux are all sorts of restaurants including McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Subway, and more. 
-Parking is easy as there is a large lot right in front of the pool. 

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  • Granny says:

    This was truly amazing! Thank you so much!
    We are on grandparent duty and this was such an awesome find!
    It was 16$ for 4 of us as residents outside of this community.
    Lots of vigilant lifeguards!

    And yes we did hit McDonald’s for supper and it was wolfed down after such an active day!
    N.B. There is a height restriction for the big water slide and our 7 year old was a couple of inches shy…next year!

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