Jean-Boyer Park (CHÂTEAUGUAY)

I like a park with a plan. This nature-themed park is pretty, colourful, new, and it’s got some really interesting and fun equipment.

When we drove up my eye automatically went to the brightly coloured rubber surfacing under the baby and adult swings, but the rest of the park is also beautifully landscaped with gardens, large boulders, and a stone section with comfy chairs. 

Toddlers will enjoy the play structure that has easy-to-climb stairs, slides, and vines to climb; while at ground level there’s a puzzle, little seats, a steering wheel, and window ledge. Or sit in the wood chips and enjoy the red, yellow, and blue shadows being cast on the ground. Nearby is a frog spring rider, and a large balance board. 

Older kids can find all different ways to climb the taller play structure with its butterfly climber, sprout climbers, curved ladders, and the cool…scorpion? Maybe lizard. Or it could be a chameleon. 
It’s what you want it to be 😉

What’s neat here is that all the  different aged sections are within eyesight of each other. Your older kids can be off climbing on the larger play structure, toddlers can be traversing the dragonfly link on the smaller climber, and infants can putter about in the sand and use the ground-level activity panels.
And you can chill for like, 2.7 seconds. 

I also enjoyed the furniture placement here, with chairs by the littlest section, and a grouping of picnic tables in the nearby garden. And the tables are not just for snacking, but built into the tops are games including snakes and ladders and tic-tac-toe. Love little touches like that.

Things to note:
This park does not show up as a greenspace on Google Maps, though you can see it on Google Satellite. It’s on the corners of rue Jules-Dumouchel and rue Tréfflé-David. Or just look at my map below. 
-There is no shade or fencing. 
-Street parking was easy and we were right beside the playground.

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