Bath, Ontario – Centennial Park

We have a special guest review from the extended StrollerParking family! Thanks for the great pics and description 🙂

This is a brand new playground redone in 2015 with a pirate and boat theme from Henderson Recreation Equipment. It’s so shiny! So new!
This park is dedicated to the memory of Kathy Storm, a member of the Bath Village and Loyalist Township Councils, and while it has been around for years, the upgraded equipment makes for a really great park. 
With a beautiful lakefront view, they chose a great design when planning the new equipment as it’s super fun playing in the pirate ship while looking out over the water. 
Both play structures have stairs, making them both really toddler-friendly, and they’re right beside each other in case you have lots of kids with you! The bigger climber has a bunch of slides, stairs, a ship’s bow, climbing wall, ladders, a periscope, and they can steer the ship while standing under the pirate flag or stick their heads through the pirate cutout on the ground for a great photo op. Best thing is all the gears in the walls WORK!

The toddler climber also has a ship bow with port holes at ground level, stairs, a small climbing wall, another steering wheel, and a couple of slides. 

Also in the cedar wood chips are some things you can spin on, either standing or sitting. 

Crossing over the bridge you’ll get to the bathrooms and some picnic tables and there are benches there and around the playground. 

It’s right off the road with no fencing and is of course, also close to the water. 

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