Pointe-Claire Skatepark

I know nothing about skateboarding. 


According to the city, the skatepark features “a variety of elements and structures that will appeal to beginners and experienced skateboarders alike. This 12,000-square foot facility will include street furniture, a bowl, a capsule, a mini-ramp, and a wave. The park will be able to accommodate forty athletes at a time.”
No info about the park has been posted on the city’s website since it opened, but there are two giant signs at the park, and you can read the rules here:

Regardless if you know anything about the sport or not, it’s pretty damn fun coming here to watch kids doing tricks and teens skating around the bowl thing, and having a spot where both my kids (6 & 11) can scooter and skate together is a plus.

You can read some news reports about the new park HERE, HERE, and HERE

-The park is in full sun (it’s HOT), but there is some shade beside the aquatic centre’s wall, and there is a treed greenspace right beside the park with shade and picnic tables. 
-The skate park is on Douglas Shand, right beside the city’s Recreation Building, and behind the Aquatic Centre.
-There are no bathrooms or drinking fountains at the park. For water, go around the corner to the outdoor fitness park, and bathrooms are available in the lobby of the Aquatic Centre. Don’t bang on the door by the skatepark, GO AROUND. 

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