Dixie Park

Oooooooo, Pretty!
I haven’t been out this way in forever and so we just drove around looking for a park. This one was a bit of a pain to get to because of all the one way streets, but we ended up with a spot on 55th Avenue (heading north) right beside the entrance.

I was happily impressed with Dixie Park. Everything is clean and new-ish, the toddler portion is almost all safely fenced (though there’s no gate) and both little and big-kid parks are close together.

The toddler area has a bright orange spinning rope climber from Berliner (he got his butt stuck and I had to pull him out. Ha!), and a great play structure from GameTime that is divided into two sections: One section has stairs, the Giant Wave Climber, slides and GIANT bongos (actually an Ashiko and  Djembe). Then bigger kids can cross over the Incline Cosmix Climber (or as we call it: “The Bubble Wall”) to the higher side where there’s a steering wheel, metal rungs and ladders, and more slides. He was too small so I lifted him up so he could drive his precious steering wheel.
There are also two shiny metal spring riders (the toucan and frog), a spinner, and baby swings.

The big-kid climber from Landscape Structures is also impressive. There is a tricky chain bridge, the challenging Cliff Climber, chain ladder, a high slide and a double slide, and a bunch of ways to get up, but no stairs. Just beside the climber are some Playmotion Rides balance boards by Xccent Play and ultra modern spinners including the Cherry and the Eddie from Urban Design Berlin on which you can swing, stand or sit. We don’t see this manufacturer very often so I was pleased to see Lachine has discovered them!
Note: There are NO big swings at all.

P.S. both sections are on wood chips with a tiny sandbox in the toddler part, there are also some new picnic tables just outside the play area, as well as some giant boulders to climb!

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