Carignan Park

This playground could use an update. Sorry park. 

There is a (full sun) toddler area, that is thankfully fenced (but not gated) as it’s very close to the road. Inside is the climbing structure from GameTime with stairs, the Double Rumble and Roll Zip slides (one bumpy, one wavy), a twirly slide, metal rungs and ladders of various degrees of difficulty, and some room to walk around. It’s a good size for a group of kids and the various levels add some interest.
There is also a music maker at ground level; GameTime’s calabazo and bongos which were a huge hit with my guy. He loved scraping the striker back and forth making different sounds and then banging on the bongos. You’ll also find a balance beam, a ride-on motorcycle, and four baby swings.
All of the equipment is on wood chips except for a tiny little sand box. Beware the tons of cement all around as we had scraped hands from running around the edge. 🙁

Just next door is a GIANT WADING POOL!  We visited the park mid-September and it was all closed up so we’ll have to come back next summer and try it out.

Quite far away and out of sight is a really random big-kid park. There’s a giant spiderweb rope climber that ATTACHES to the slide and is the only way up. Great for big kids who enjoy climbing, not so great for everyone else. And apart from the NINE big-kid swings, that was it.

There is also a football field, tennis, soccer fields, basketball and….a dedicated graffiti wall. Cool!

Wading pool hours: From June 19 until August 20, 2021. Depending on the weather. 12pm-7pm. Read all about it HERE

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